The Safety Center

General Fire Safety Information

Here are a few important things you should know about dealing with a fire emergency in the building:

  • Listen closely for instructions broadcast over the emergency PA system.
  • DO NOT use elevators unless instructed to do so by the fire department who will have checked to assure that they are safe.
  • The security doors/stairwells leading from the reception areas will automatically unlock if electric power goes out during an emergency.
  • Use the stairwells indicated on the floor plans.  In the stairwells, always keep to the OUTSIDE (wall-side) lane regardless of whether you are going up or down...Firemen use the inside lane of the stairwells.
  • DO NOT go through any door without first checking to see if the door is hot.  Choose another exit if the door is hot.
  • Close all doors after you pass through.
  • The cleanest air is closest to the floor...when smoke is present, STAY LOW.
  • DO NOT take time to gather personal belongings or go back for them.  Remember, in an emergency, LIFE SAFETY IS YOUR PRIMARY CONCERN.
  • Make it your business to know where all exits are on your could save your life.

Click here for additional information on building evacuation.